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Junkie II, the return

Ahhh, spring, and the smell of yard onions permeates the air so that when the sunshine creates that vaguely warm dirt smell, I am reminded mightily of Taco Bell every time I step foot out the back door. Also time … Continue reading

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My name is Dyskinesia, and I am an addict.   All together now:  Hiiii, Dyskinesia. (Seriously, is that the modern “Shave and a haircut” or what?)   Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment to meet with a dietitian.  The reason? … Continue reading

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Random addenda

Things I forgot to mention: The current soundtrack is chainsaws and sirens, with a random odd beep coming from the other room that I will eventually pay some attention to, but since I know it isn’t any of the items … Continue reading

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Random news

If you remember last night’s agenda, I’m sad to report that we accomplished only 3 of 7.  They were an important 3, but if this were high school, we’d still be spending some quality time with the teacher and listening … Continue reading

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So, while I’m working right now (okay, not so much RIGHT now), I’m eating some positively delectable fresh raspberries that I bought at the grocery this morning, and I have to tell you:  Each one is like a joyous little … Continue reading

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