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I had a realization this morning: I have always loved my family most for what they could be. I wonder why? Did I get glimpses & then it would just go completely off the rails & then the process keep … Continue reading

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A huge Thank You to Dan over at Single Dad Laughing for an amazing piece. Stop.  Go.  Read. Be Real. ( … and while I haven’t made it all the way through his site yet, I could happily link everything … Continue reading

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Free Time

I don’t have have a damn thing to do. Well, in the sense that I’m leaving in about 30 hours-ish at UNGODLY o’clock in the morning for 4 days of having to be all semi-professional-like and stuff, and not only … Continue reading

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Truer words were never said

I was commenting over at NBAI and needed to confirm someone’s name to attribute a quote.  I was quoting life coach, Martha Beck, whose website is looking a whole lot fluffier these days than when I was last there, which … Continue reading

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Motherly Love

I very recently made the mistake of exposing a vulnerability to my mother.  Several years ago,  I made a choice regarding an educational therapy for my son; the choice was not whether he would receive the therapy, but where and … Continue reading

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A Life of Gratitude – Memorial Day 2009

I’m a little late, but I know he wouldn’t mind.  I wrote this in 2007 and am so thankful that I did. —————————————————————————————————————————- My grandfather died in September of 1997 — my father’s father, an Army veteran of World War … Continue reading

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I have a million things on my mind and a billion things to do, so let’s just get some randomosity out of the way, shall we? I don’t watch American Idol, but for all you Adam Lambert fans, Get a … Continue reading

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Quick Hits

I only know what day it is because my computer tells me so. —————————————————————————————– FUH, they changed everything on here!  I mean, I’m sure it’s cool and all, but DANG.  I just finally got used to the old way, oof. … Continue reading

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The Nutshell

In.sa.ni.ty.  Can you use it in a sentence, boys and girls?  I’ll bet you can! The past couple of weeks have just been bonkers.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in learning, educating, fixing, and auditioning at work.  The silver … Continue reading

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A little Love

I just wanted to take a minute to show a little love for my man, who had a great and bummer and fun and kinda sucky day yesterday.  I’d like to remind him that he’s a super guy and a … Continue reading

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