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Simple Man

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I am normally not a big fan of covers of classics.  It comes from the same place inside me that can barely stand to watch <insert cool kid of the month’s name … Continue reading

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Stuffed up Stuff

Yes, I’m sick.  Very, very sick.  How a body can produce this much snot is beyond me, honestly.  And why the hell is it that when you tilt your head to one side, it moves super quickly all over to … Continue reading

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I’m being very quiet right now because I have (shock) a ton of stuff happening at once, not the least of which involves some medical/hormonal garbage that is leaving me exhausted to the Nth, grumpy, and sad and making me … Continue reading

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Gee, you know each other SO well.

Dys-time he says… and he’s right!  BUT, I had it pretty much finished the day she posted it and have been the one waiting to post it together.  So there.  NYAH. How Well Do You Know Your Significant Other? 1. … Continue reading

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