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Always Good

There are a few simple things in my life that are always good things.  A short list for my future remembering: Lego Rockband Sleep A Christopher Moore book Singing Purple toenail polish My own smile An excellent red microbrew Fishing … Continue reading

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Of Newness and Resolution

Welcome 2011.  May you be bloody awesome. A friend asked me today what my New Year’s resolution was going to be.  Now, it’s important to note that I haven’t made an actual New Year’s resolution in many, many a year. … Continue reading

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So it isn’t every day that a U.S. Marshal shows up at your front door. The realization of who he was made it a lot funnier that my dog had wanted to murderize him for having the audacity to walk … Continue reading

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Time for a 180

Dear World, If you have anything else to convey to me this week that is going to just royally piss me off and have me running around with my hair on fire and my biscuits fully burning, bring it TODAY … Continue reading

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Contrary to the dates showing on the calendar over there, I’ve actually been writing a lot lately.  Unfortunately (for whom?), it’s all stuffed away in a drafts folder or a drawer or somewhere else that I hope is equally likely … Continue reading

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It ain’t easy being purple

Working from home affords so many unique opportunities, such as the one where I can take a quick break from work and smear purple stuff all over my face at a time when no one else is home and my … Continue reading

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Rumors of my demise are…

Well, they just are. Actually, I’ve been semi-active on Twitter of late.  Yes, I caved, and as expected, my blogging took a total jump off the cliff.  Of course, because of major time constraints, it was in actually in mid-leap … Continue reading

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In Honor: #46

In honor of Calvin’s birthday, birthday present, and my own joy at FINALLY getting back my 35-mm pics from the Indianapolis MotoGP, Valentino came by and put in an appearance. Vale and … Vale  – at the Riders Q&A with … Continue reading

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When your 8 x 10 American flag bumper sticker/magnet has become a square of baby blue with big old field of white around it, you’ve blown right past declaring your patriotism and skidded smack into declaring your ignorance. Roofing crews should officially … Continue reading

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This just in: President Obama calls Kanye West a jackass.  Later today, he will also announce that the sky is blue.  Stay tuned. Members of the press immediately jumped on said comment, though it was made in a traditionally thought … Continue reading

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