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So, while I’m working right now (okay, not so much RIGHT now), I’m eating some positively delectable fresh raspberries that I bought at the grocery this morning, and I have to tell you:  Each one is like a joyous little … Continue reading

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Let’s Review

Have I ever mentioned that the tendency to overcommit oneself is a part of ADD?  No?  Behold my certifiable insanity. ~Accepted second job.  Passage of time (pay attention, that one isn’t going to come up again). ~Went to the GP. … Continue reading

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Music for Memory

I certainly wasn’t the summer partier described in this tune, but the general melody, story, and the backup that sounds very suspiciously like Seger takes me back to in my memories to younger days when my dad and I would … Continue reading

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Joy in the Streets

WE HAVE ELECTRICITY!!! Praise Thomas “Don’t call me Alva, damn it!” Edison and his fancypants invention that once again courses through the craptastic wiring of our home.  😀 Yesterday evening, as the entire household sat quietly reading books, there was … Continue reading

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I can has exhaustion!

Keee-rap, am I tired. Seriously, I have the ol’ eyelid twitch of exhaustion (+2)  (geek reference, points if you get it).  This will be short and whiny since I’m at a friend’s and trying to get some work done so … Continue reading

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Glub, glub, glub

Remember the picture that you were dying to see?   Underwater cameras are awesome. (taken with a fairly cheap, disposable underwater Spongebob camera – who knew?)

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