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The Job

I love my job.  I learn every day.  I help people learn every day.  I take great pleasure in both of those things and a lot of personal pride in it too because I think I’m pretty good at it. … Continue reading

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Injustice: Little Children come unto me

I think I’ve probably posted in the past about the Summer Kids:  the kids from down the street who have ended up at my house nearly every day of every summer for the last few years.  I’ve been the impromptu … Continue reading

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Truer words were never said

I was commenting over at NBAI and needed to confirm someone’s name to attribute a quote.  I was quoting life coach, Martha Beck, whose website is looking a whole lot fluffier these days than when I was last there, which … Continue reading

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Clarification on summer

While I want bourbon and vitamins, I was mainly just being funny there because I also L*O*V*E being at home with my kid in the summertime.  I get bummed and depressed at times because I feel like I’m letting him … Continue reading

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I may just have to turn “Summer” into a new page for the host of fun things that will be my summer at home with The Boy. For instance, so far today my son has: Told me about the “hot” … Continue reading

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Motherly Love

I very recently made the mistake of exposing a vulnerability to my mother.  Several years ago,  I made a choice regarding an educational therapy for my son; the choice was not whether he would receive the therapy, but where and … Continue reading

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2009 MotoGP Season Preview – Companion, Ladies’ Edition

Way, way back (many — ago, I was a young girl listenin’ to how ya flow), I promised a companion piece to TB’s 2009 MotoGP Season Preview.  I spent a bit of time getting all my stuff together, and then, … Continue reading

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