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The Boy has a short haircut, but it is growing out to the point of starting to stick out in places.  Since he HATES getting his hair cut, he tries to put it off forever.  I’ve told him that a … Continue reading

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MotoGP – Day One

Ow.  In so many ways. For more than that, for now you’ll have to see my comment on TB’s Day One roundup.  I can’t wait to see my photos — just as soon as I find someone who will still … Continue reading

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Today’s version brought to you by the, “I’m a Better Student than You are” Foundation. ————————————————————————————————– How was school today? rotten. Aaaand what was so rotten about it? i’ve been there 4 days now, and those kids have yet to … Continue reading

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You’re Welcome

Ya know what I love?  I love being here late on a Saturday night, the one night that I normally get to spend with my husband, and getting an e-mail from a cranky trainee because I implemented a new policy … Continue reading

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So, how was your day? horrible. Horrible?  Did the building explode? no! Was there a fire? no! Did a UFO crash into the school and aliens came out and arrested all of you? moooo-ooom, no! Then what was so horrible? … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Summer

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The Hardest Part is Always Easy

First day of school facts: 11 minutes – round trip. He wasn’t nervous a bit – until we pulled into the parking lot. He looked just like all the other kids (good uniform choice by Dad 🙂 ). I cried … Continue reading

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I don’t need that eye, really.

So I’m having one of those days where I’m certain that I could have just stabbed myself in the eye and saved us all a whole lot of trouble. Like 90% of the rest of America, we are gearing up … Continue reading

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Back at ya

As often as I hear my own words come flying out of The Boy’s mouth at random times, you’d think that I’d get over the shock.  I mean, how can you still be surprised at something that happens near daily? … Continue reading

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Today was not at all funny

Things I hate today: Floods Poverty Cancer Doctors Aging The look on my son’s face when I tell him I have to work. Lack of directions Tree limbs plummeting from the sky Summer The end of summer The anti-neighborhood of … Continue reading

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