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Hulloooooow!  Here’s hoping that you all have had a glorious Christmas, etc., and are enjoying weather that does not involve flooding, power outages, or those stealthy killer icicles that try to stab you through the head every time you step … Continue reading

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TB gives a bread roll to Boy. TB gives a bread roll to Dys. TB takes a bread roll from himself. TB asks Dys something around a bite of roll. Dys responds to TB around a bite of roll. From … Continue reading

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By Request

Andain – Beautiful Things, the DJ Tiesto remix This is the version I have, which is one of about 40 billion remixes, many up to 10 minutes – because trance music needs to go a long, looooong way.   For … Continue reading

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Skip, skip – The Songs

The answers to my Shuffle: 1.  Flavor of the Weak – American Hi-Fi 2.  Stuck in the Middle with You – Stealer’s Wheel  (featured in the movie Reservoir Dogs — still humiliated by that slip, good grief!) 3.  Bad, Bad … Continue reading

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Trying to think Macro.

We’re getting ready to vacate Dodge here and head back to TB’s stomping grounds for the holidays.  This is a stressful time of year in general what with the rigorous demands of being a parent:  the gifts, the school program, … Continue reading

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In a word

i don’t want to give my presentation tomorrow, mom Why not? i’m not good at it I thought you did a great job with your space presentation! no, i was touching my hair and saying uhhhh, ummmm too much Okay, … Continue reading

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My finger hurts from pressing Skip.

A while ago, a bunch of y’all did an Ipod List of throwing on the shuffle and posting the first 4 lines of the songs that came up first.  I’d been meaning to do it (which, if you’ve learned anything from me … Continue reading

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A-Blogging we will go

First and foremost, The Article(!) is now online at ADDitude for your viewing pleasure.  How cool is that? Next, I got the call, and my laptop is ready for pickup.  WAHOO!!  People, I am THIS CLOSE to a tiny bit … Continue reading

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Quick Hits

I only know what day it is because my computer tells me so. —————————————————————————————– FUH, they changed everything on here!  I mean, I’m sure it’s cool and all, but DANG.  I just finally got used to the old way, oof. … Continue reading

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