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If you remember last night’s agenda, I’m sad to report that we accomplished only 3 of 7.  They were an important 3, but if this were high school, we’d still be spending some quality time with the teacher and listening to at least 30 minutes from our parents about our squandering our potential.

The water is on, the blankets are off the bed and put away, and we did get to sleep in our own wonderful bed.

TB unplugged the frig before we left though, which was actually great thinking in case of a power surge, but it did mean there was no pulling the food out of the coolers outside and putting it away.  It turns out, however, that the majority of said food’s destination is actually going to be a garbage bag.  The snow on top of the food was still almost exactly as we left it, but that was because it was at the top of the cooler by the insulating lid.  Underneath that, the rest of the snow around the food melted into puddles, along with the popsicles, and that big puddle of funky-colored water at the bottom didn’t get the job done.  We’re bummed, but oh well, we tried.  We could rant a bit because we JUST had to totally restock the frig in September after the last power outage (and were actually still missing several of our previously staple items — it’s a spendy thing to have to do!), but really, we still have a home — a home with no holes in it, even — so we feel lucky anyway.

We also have a stink-tastic refrigerator because of the few leftovers we had to leave in there when we left in such a hurry.  Holy p-yew, Batman!

Still in need of milk and meat, of course.  Something I’m hoping to accomplish in the next few hours.  Of course, this is still assuming that there is fresh food able to be had nearby.  Last night, in the interest of time and ease, and realizing we had hours until we had a cold frig for use, I ran out to a fast food place for our dinner.  In the several years we have lived here, I have frequented and/or driven past this place averaging probably every other day.  I have never seen that many people there.  And while their drive-thru is normally pretty darn quick, it took forever last night — because I think every single car was ordering a meal for a family instead of just a quick bite for themselves.  When I looked around as I was leaving there, every restaurant in the area looked the same.  It was actually a little unnerving to think about.

Did I mention it is snowing again?

The kiddo had a project due at school at the end of last week.  A project we were to complete last weekend but ended up procrastinating on (we are SUCH good role models!) when the power went out and it got too cold in here to frickin’ care.  Sooo, that needs to happen tonight or tomorrow.  I wonder if I’ll feel better when it is his own procrastination that causes these problems instead of ours?

YAWN.  Did I mention that we’re exhausted?  Hope the inherent bounding energy of being 9 is helping the kiddo today at school because the adults were beat up for their lunch money.

…  The power just flickered enough that the stove clock chirped.  Yes, my heart stopped there for a second.  Hmm, that phenomenon may take a while to get past.

Aaaaand the dog just did her patented scare the ever-lovin’ crap outta me OMGITSTHATEVILMAILMANAGAIN BARK-A-ROOOO-OOOO-OOO!!!!!    BARKBARKBARKBARK!!!BARK!!!  If I ever have a heart attack, I pray that it is right before the mailman comes to the house.  That damn bark is my own personal defibrillator!

My accent is semi-normal again, but I don’t think it will really settle down until I stop feeling so tired.  Exhaustion has a way of making me sound like Loretta Lynn.

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Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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