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I did ..not.. just say that

Originally from January 21, 2006 – Boy, age 6 I am a fairly well-educated woman.  I have managed very successful businesses, including being a major part of getting them to the point of said success.  I have managed large crews … Continue reading

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Feed the Kitty

Originally from June 27, 2006 – Boy, age 6 We’re big on cartoons in this house.  By big, I mean we have lots of cartoons on DVD.  Not just any cartoons, mind you; only classics will do.  That crap they … Continue reading

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I am in the other room.  TB and Boy are watching television.  Well, technically, TB is watching television, and Boy has slithered into the room at an opportune moment.  Said television program?  Scrubs. is jordan trying to tell elliott that … Continue reading

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The Dooce

I know there are people who feel the way that Calvin does, and I understand why, I really do. However. If you’re someone who has ever been covered in multiple byproducts of children, pets, spouses, self, etc., while attempting to … Continue reading

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In the job description

I just had to punish my son for the first ‘real’ time. At the end of my short, very calm speech, I wanted to grab him up in my arms, hug the stuffing out of him, and tell him it … Continue reading

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In No Mood

I am crabby today.  In order to spare you the majority of my craptastic attitude, which I wish I could also be sparing myself, I instead shall bring you the world’s finest slayer of tiny stuffed chipmunks. You’re welcome.

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Scene:  Lego people talking to each other amidst the other 4000 other Lego pieces and buildings on the dining room table: ACTION! hey, this is our temple!  get out of here or we’ll kick your butts! but wait, you can’t … Continue reading

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