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Gee, you know each other SO well.

Dys-time he says… and he’s right!  BUT, I had it pretty much finished the day she posted it and have been the one waiting to post it together.  So there.  NYAH. How Well Do You Know Your Significant Other? 1. … Continue reading

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Glub, glub, glub

Remember the picture that you were dying to see?   Underwater cameras are awesome. (taken with a fairly cheap, disposable underwater Spongebob camera – who knew?)

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Through the Viewfinder

Yesterday was a pretty good day for my kid – outside of annoying the hell outta me with the never-ending chorus of summer (Moooooommmmm, I neeeeeeeeed….) and ultimately causing me to tell him to get off my @$$ – in … Continue reading

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Bzzzt. Thanks for playing!

As I headed off to my annual gyn appointment the other day, my darling husband looked me straight in the eye and said, in all seriousness, I shit you not: Have fun, babe. Fun…?  Have FUN???  Did you just tell … Continue reading

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Yeah, so Wednesday’s blog was a nice little tirade, huh?  Let’s do something fun and uplifting today instead. My ADD has blessed me in that I have many different things that I enjoy doing (for at least 15 minutes at a time … Continue reading

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