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Announcing: The Spectrum of Dys

The visual version:  SpectrumD

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Free Time

I don’t have have a damn thing to do. Well, in the sense that I’m leaving in about 30 hours-ish at UNGODLY o’clock in the morning for 4 days of having to be all semi-professional-like and stuff, and not only … Continue reading

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It ain’t easy being purple

Working from home affords so many unique opportunities, such as the one where I can take a quick break from work and smear purple stuff all over my face at a time when no one else is home and my … Continue reading

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Rumors of my demise are…

Well, they just are. Actually, I’ve been semi-active on Twitter of late.  Yes, I caved, and as expected, my blogging took a total jump off the cliff.  Of course, because of major time constraints, it was in actually in mid-leap … Continue reading

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