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The Dooce

I know there are people who feel the way that Calvin does, and I understand why, I really do. However. If you’re someone who has ever been covered in multiple byproducts of children, pets, spouses, self, etc., while attempting to … Continue reading

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In No Mood

I am crabby today.  In order to spare you the majority of my craptastic attitude, which I wish I could also be sparing myself, I instead shall bring you the world’s finest slayer of tiny stuffed chipmunks. You’re welcome.

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I may just have to turn “Summer” into a new page for the host of fun things that will be my summer at home with The Boy. For instance, so far today my son has: Told me about the “hot” … Continue reading

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You could put an eye out.

When I said before that I was accident-prone?  Yeah, that might have been understating it just a bit.  Tonight, I was playing with the dog with her most fabulous toy, which is basically very tough tennis ball material in the … Continue reading

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My dog knows.

It’s a sad and sorry truth that my dog knows that I have ADD.  Not because those years of woof—>English lessons paid off, mind you.  No, every time I get into the shower, the dog slumps down into a completely … Continue reading

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