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No, no – anything but that!

“My feet hurt!” “Are you going to live?” “No.  They hurt terrible.” “Do we need to shoot you and put you out of your misery?” “NO!!!! …. Why would you put me in Missouri?” “Oh Son – I would NEVER … Continue reading

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Blathering: Bad days, counseling, and paralysis

WARNING:  This post could be a trigger.  If you have ADD, please think about your current situation and how your day is going and whether you might want to read this now or put it off.   I’m not here to toxic … Continue reading

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Doin’ whatever a Spider can

Thanks to my husband. Don’t we make a cute couple? (I took a few liberties with the assigned gender, thankyouverymuch…) Do I have some fantastic anti-gravity boobs, or what?!? Your results: You are Spiderwoman You are intelligent, witty, a bit … Continue reading

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Or, ya know, maybe not

Someday, at some point in my life, I will learn never to plan anything in a way of “I’m going to do this!” because, inevitably, something gets in the way.  Much like a rhinoceros in the middle of a one-lane … Continue reading

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