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Yeah, it could have been a Monday Music, but really, does anyone have any illusions that I would keep up with that?  No, I thought not.  😀 Love, love, love this damn song.  Easily my favorite Weezer song.  Happy Monday! … Continue reading

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Because I have to put this somewhere today. And was happy that I could spread the joy of watching this young man’s talent in the process.  Totally fitting.  Enjoy! *Yes, I know the embedded police hijacked this, but click the … Continue reading

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Not My Day

Having a very bad, no good, terrible, horrible day.  So far, have spent more time in tears today than not.  That will change later because I will eventually get up and walk away from my desk.  For now, though, this … Continue reading

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Monday Music by Dys

If I may Bogart my husband’s MM theme for a moment… A little over a week ago now, I picked up Jason Mraz‘s CDs Waiting for My Rocket to Come and We Sing.  We Dance.  We Steal Things., the latter actually being … Continue reading

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The Hardest Part is Always Easy

First day of school facts: 11 minutes – round trip. He wasn’t nervous a bit – until we pulled into the parking lot. He looked just like all the other kids (good uniform choice by Dad 🙂 ). I cried … Continue reading

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I have a million things on my mind and a billion things to do, so let’s just get some randomosity out of the way, shall we? I don’t watch American Idol, but for all you Adam Lambert fans, Get a … Continue reading

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Oooooooh, Lady!

Don’t even ask me what the heck put this into my head.  I don’t have the slightest idea.  But it was groovy, and who can’t use some groovy in their day?   Are those outfits The Bomb or what?

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I am completely in love with this one.

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For Kim

We love ya, baby. (What’s better than, Whassamattawitchubooooy??) …and something I’d never seen before.  🙂 (Big shout out to Heather for making me not feel crazy.  😉 )

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Simple Man

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I am normally not a big fan of covers of classics.  It comes from the same place inside me that can barely stand to watch <insert cool kid of the month’s name … Continue reading

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