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Build It…and you should probably keep building it.

Because you never know who will show up, link it, and all hell could break loose. Well, okay, it hasn’t broken loose just yet.  But, on the off chance that it does, I’m realizing that all those things that have … Continue reading

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One of the subtle joys of ADD

Ow.  Oof.  Yikes!  SH!T!!!   These are the sounds of me walking through the house, cooking, moving furniture, carrying anything for that matter, or basically, um, breathing. Yes, world, I am here to admit to my shame:  I … am a … Continue reading

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Spring Break is Officially OVER

Truly sick the week before spring break, missed all but 1 day of school.  Spent pretty much the whole of spring break running around like a madman and driving his poor, now-sick-herself mother nuts: “Hey Son, how about you go … Continue reading

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Pavlov’s dog did not have Asperger’s

Well, first I have to say that I hate the new admin page formats, currently with the heat of a supernova.  I’m sure I’ll move past it at some point.  Maybe.  I think my favorite part so far has to … Continue reading

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Knee-JERK reactions

Ever have one of those moments when you get all up on your high horse about something and you’re so proud of yourself in the moment you’re finished because you really had a right to say everything you just said?  … Continue reading

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World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  …in case you live in a bubble without internet, television, or radio access and haven’t already heard.  Of course, I say that, but yet I’m irritated to hell and back that Google didn’t alter … Continue reading

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My dog knows.

It’s a sad and sorry truth that my dog knows that I have ADD.  Not because those years of woof—>English lessons paid off, mind you.  No, every time I get into the shower, the dog slumps down into a completely … Continue reading

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Sin by Association*(5)

I’m a Gmail user.  I was a fairly early Gmail user, having been invited by a much bigger nerd friend who was a really early Gmail user.  Since becoming a Gmail user, I’ve been really happy with the service, though … Continue reading

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