Sin by Association*(5)

I’m a Gmail user.  I was a fairly early Gmail user, having been invited by a much bigger nerd friend who was a really early Gmail user.  Since becoming a Gmail user, I’ve been really happy with the service, though I think their organizational system sucks.  I’m all for outdoing anything Microsoft, believe me (*nyeeet, nerrrt, vyyyrrrt, vrrraaat…..Bill Gates is the devil….nyeeet, nerrrt), but they missed the mark on that starring crap and having to label every message that meets the inbox.  I’ve felt that I could announce my association with Gmail in a positive light and promote their service.

Right up until yesterday, when Gmail made me a liar by association.

I’m not a saint.  I’ve lied about calls I’ve never made.  I’ve fibbed about what time I left the house or that I must have been outside when the phone rang.  Heck, what the hell, I may possibly (but not certainly) have even fudged the date on the postage machine a time or two (you can’t prove it!).  So, I can certainly understand the possible problem of not having forgotten to send an important e-mail to someone by a crucial deadline.

But seriously, the CustomTime feature that Gmail just added now brings every important e-mail sent by every Gmail user under suspicion.  Did he really send that when he said he did?  Did it really get caught in a server blackout on my end when there was a storm in my city or did he use the Gmail CustomTime feature to make me think he didn’t miss that deadline?

Unbelievable, Gmail.  You act like you’re trying to help your business clients by providing them the opportunity to whitewash, all while using your other hand to smear mud on the ones who weren’t stuffing $1 bills in some dancer’s G-string when they were supposed to be sending that quote to the client.

Do me a favor?  Don’t do me anymore favors unless you’re going to send a week’s worth of those $1 bills my way.

*That’s a record playing backwards, in case you didn’t know.
**Remember Mikey from the Life cereal commercial?  He’s dead.  Pop Rocks and Coke.  Haven’t you heard?
***Ozzy Osbourne has eaten a bat a day for the last 30 years.
****Paris Hilton is having Lindsay Lohan’s lovechild.  Pass it on.
*(5) Yes, I’m so lame that I can’t come up with my own April Fool’s and had to climb on Gmail’s.  But I had ya goin, didn’t I? 

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Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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