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Ring, ring, ring

NO, I WON’T VOTE FOR YOUR STUPID ASS. Now shut up and stop calling my house. ———————————————————————————- This message has been approved by me – and every other American because we think you’re all the worst possible choice. Get out … Continue reading

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A Chicken in Every Pot.

In honor of the Great American Cluster$#*& Experience of Democracy that will occur tomorrow, I did a little hunting and gathering for an old post of mine from another blog in another lifetime (in a galaxy far, far away).  ————– Hi.  … Continue reading

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My newest favorite site

Every once in a while, I trip over a link on login that draws my attention.  Mudflats has been on the front page quite a bit recently, no doubt because of posts like this one, live blogging the debate.  ” … Continue reading

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Say it Loud

Long ago and far away, I learned my lesson about writing, talking, blogging about anything having to do with politics (and the host of other polarizing issues) on the internet or, ya know, out loud outside of my living room … Continue reading

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Don’t Vote

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