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A Life of Gratitude – Memorial Day 2009

I’m a little late, but I know he wouldn’t mind.  I wrote this in 2007 and am so thankful that I did. —————————————————————————————————————————- My grandfather died in September of 1997 — my father’s father, an Army veteran of World War … Continue reading

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I have a million things on my mind and a billion things to do, so let’s just get some randomosity out of the way, shall we? I don’t watch American Idol, but for all you Adam Lambert fans, Get a … Continue reading

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Go find yourself a spin cycle

Thanks for the love yesterday.  Yes, today is a much better day.  🙂  To celebrate, I think we need to bust this movie out tonight and show The Boy what funny really is.  And expose him to some more cursing … Continue reading

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Golden Rule

As I sit here in heaving, gasping sobs, I wonder just how in the hell it is that the field (healthcare) I have dedicated my life to SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE can so thoroughly, unyieldingly screw me … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise can suck it

I suffer (and I do mean suffer) with depression.  No, actually, let me get that straight. I suffer with Major Depression, Severe, Recurrent.  God forbid I fuck up the billing. ——————————————————————————————————— I get it now that I’ve had this pretty … Continue reading

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Oooooooh, Lady!

Don’t even ask me what the heck put this into my head.  I don’t have the slightest idea.  But it was groovy, and who can’t use some groovy in their day?   Are those outfits The Bomb or what?

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Get a Job/Healthcare and the Economy

Sarah brought up something I wanted to address.  She wondered who in the world, in this economy, would quit a job without notice. My field has been hurt very little by the economy, comparatively, as it is in healthcare; all 3 … Continue reading

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hey, what are you doing? (studiously ignores question) what’s in the microwave?? Zombie brains. what?!?  it is not!  it’s popcorn. Nooo, it’s zombie brains. it is NOT zombie brains; it’s popcorn!   Sorry, but it’s zombie brains. geez, mom.  how … Continue reading

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Morning After

Uuuuuuhnnhnhhuhnnhhggghghhgh.  My head hurts. No, I’m not hungover, though I suppose I’ve felt in a semi-perpetual state of it recently.  I’ve had so much to say of late and yet have been so quiet because of all that Muchness, so … Continue reading

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Double Frick – Update #2

Well, The Boy never went over 99.8 and was fever-free when I checked him in the middle of the night and this morning, so off to school he went.  Hopefully it will be nothing, or at least be something we … Continue reading

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