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Alive, but definitely not kicking

I come to you with an update not that *I* am still alive, but to let you know that TB is still with us.  In a passed out on the couch in a NyQuil-induced fever-fogged stupor kind of way. Yes, … Continue reading

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Damn it!

  All I’m sayin’ is that it should be illegal for any bill to have a due date that is a federal holiday and, therefore, banks are closed that day. Would that really be so hard?!?!?  Frick!

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Violate yourself on the dotted line

A minimum of once a year, we stop, drop, and roll ourselves on out to the other side of town to sit with a bunch of public school system (PSS) people whom we do not know, and who do not … Continue reading

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My newest favorite site

Every once in a while, I trip over a link on login that draws my attention.  Mudflats has been on the front page quite a bit recently, no doubt because of posts like this one, live blogging the debate.  ” … Continue reading

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Say it Loud

Long ago and far away, I learned my lesson about writing, talking, blogging about anything having to do with politics (and the host of other polarizing issues) on the internet or, ya know, out loud outside of my living room … Continue reading

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Don’t Vote

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