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There’s a Hole in the Bucket

To those of you who are real people, I apologize for the earworm. To those who are about to leave me spam-bot comments, Fak Off. Today was an incredibly draining day.  It started out simply with waking up knowing that … Continue reading

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Morning After

Uuuuuuhnnhnhhuhnnhhggghghhgh.  My head hurts. No, I’m not hungover, though I suppose I’ve felt in a semi-perpetual state of it recently.  I’ve had so much to say of late and yet have been so quiet because of all that Muchness, so … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions

OW!!! what did you do, mom? I banged my hand into the doorway, darn it. you need to be careful. Yeah, I know.  Mom has trouble with her careful. well you need to do a better job being careful, or … Continue reading

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You could put an eye out.

When I said before that I was accident-prone?  Yeah, that might have been understating it just a bit.  Tonight, I was playing with the dog with her most fabulous toy, which is basically very tough tennis ball material in the … Continue reading

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One of the subtle joys of ADD

Ow.  Oof.  Yikes!  SH!T!!!   These are the sounds of me walking through the house, cooking, moving furniture, carrying anything for that matter, or basically, um, breathing. Yes, world, I am here to admit to my shame:  I … am a … Continue reading

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