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WARNING:  This post could be a trigger.   I’m angry.  It cost me $10,000 in therapy to say that:  I’m angry. — *Richard Gere, Pretty Woman *(totally paraphrased because it isn’t on IMDB and I’m not bothering to look anywhere … Continue reading

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Lightening up

More heavy stuff to come, but I thought we’d lighten up today.  I’ve NOT read my husband’s version of this, though I know it is set to post today if it hasn’t already, so this should be interesting!  🙂  Maybe … Continue reading

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Paying it back

Thanks to Kim for pulling this from my memory.   About 13 years ago, I had just pulled into the parking lot at work, which was still a block away, and I was in a hurry.  They were doing some … Continue reading

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WARNING:  This post could be a trigger. I’d spent the summer becoming the new me.  Happier, healthier, 30 pounds lighter – thin for the first time in my life.  I was eating better, moving constantly, smiling more.  The exercise had … Continue reading

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Danger: Triggers ahead

Though I’ve been front page quiet lately, my Drafts folder is starting to get crowded.  I’ve been thinking and writing and feeling and writing and, well, breathing and writing. I’ll be loading a series of posts in the upcoming days, … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Fueled Vaccine-Autism Link Altered Data

Doctor Who Fueled Vaccine-Autism Link Altered Data: Report The British doctor whose 1998 paper fueled international fears of a link between childhood vaccines and autism manipulated and changed data to make his case, the Sunday Times of London reported. An investigation by … Continue reading

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The Image

Yes, the new header is an image from the storm and is of a bush in our backyard.  It was actually taken at about 6:30 a.m. after losing power at midnight.  BEFORE the day-long freezing rain, sleet, snow, and then, … Continue reading

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Random addenda

Things I forgot to mention: The current soundtrack is chainsaws and sirens, with a random odd beep coming from the other room that I will eventually pay some attention to, but since I know it isn’t any of the items … Continue reading

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Random news

If you remember last night’s agenda, I’m sad to report that we accomplished only 3 of 7.  They were an important 3, but if this were high school, we’d still be spending some quality time with the teacher and listening … Continue reading

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Lights, Lights, Baby!

For those following our drama, we’ve received the word:  We have the Power! We’re planning to head back to the homestead tomorrow.  They predict a bit of snow, flurries, and assorted other precipitation along the way, but with any luck, … Continue reading

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