Just another Tuesday

*Preface for background:  Our 10-year-old son with Asperger’s attends Catholic school; we are not Catholic.

Homework today included the mysteries of the Rosary.  Which meant Bible reading and interpretation for The Boy and me – a never-boring task, and this time, since the Bible is written in a language that makes about -50% sense to a 10-year-old, let alone an Aspie 10-year-old, it led to conversation on the following topics:

  • Yes, I know the the Bible is hard to read.
  • Yes, you’re welcome to write your own book and to type it.
  • Probably shouldn’t call it a Bible.
  • Probably shouldn’t say it’s about worshipping something besides God, especially not at school.
  • Minor tangent as we cover a couple of commandments,
  • Yes, you’re welcome to call it “The Book of My Opinions,”
  • What do you mean you don’t want to write a whole book?  You said you wanted to write a Bible, and the Bible is a book.  …  Is too!  Looks like a book, smells like a book, feels like a book – it’s a book!  (after which I quacked and was given the evil eye…)
  • Explanation of the words “betrothed” and “virgin,”
  • Explanation of the words “immaculate” and “conception” and that babies otherwise are not created without sex,
  • (you’d think that “what is sex” would be the next question here, but some fate of the world spared me – thank you whatever fate of the world you were; that was going to be a bit more than I could handle today)
  • Yes, all babies; yes, everyone who has ever had a baby has had sex; yes, that means me and your dad
  • Much discourse from The Boy on not having children himself (not a new stance), then on not getting married, then on never having a relationship (all as relating to “o.m.g.  I don’t want kids”); followed by reassuring statements from me that he is not required to have children, get married, have a relationship, get married if he does have a relationship, etc.
  • Me mentally thanking whatever that fate was again that we didn’t have to cover the passage that used the word “circumcision” in it.

How was your Tuesday?

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Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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8 Responses to Just another Tuesday

  1. Wow.. Those are hard concepts to have to teach – and I can imagine how thrilled you were to be able to skip the circumcisicion discussion. I had my 10-year-old cousin ask me that the other day, and I sent her to her poor mom for the answer…

  2. Oregon Sunshine says:

    When Doodle was going to Adventist school, I went to pick her up one day and had to wait in the office. Dude was with me. At one point, he was looking at a picture book about heavy equipment and said, “Holy Cow!” I was politely asked to never bring him back to the school again.

    We are considering Catholic school for him somewhere down the road. There is one less than 2 miles from our house. Right now, I don’t think homeschool/charter school is our long term education solution. But, at the moment, I don’t think they could handle dealing with his needs. Or he, with their expectations, which is more likely.

    Our Tuesday though has been great! Dude really applied himself to his lessons today and was less resistant to his composition work than usual.

    Luckily, we haven’t had to approach the sex talk just yet, though he is showing curiosity if his latest internet search habit is anything to go off of. Oh, don’t worry! He’s lost internet privileged for the time being!

  3. iamheatherjo says:

    “he is not required to have children, get married, have a relationship, get married if he does have a relationship, etc.”

    I can completely relate. Heehee…

  4. Bad Pants says:

    I have to say that teaching an Aspie 10-year-old the Rosary might actually qualify as an act of evangelism deserving of an indulgence. And actual, “go do a naughty thing you’ve earned it” indulgence. I’d check with a priest, you may have earned a really good sin. Those things should not go unused.

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