I have no idea how I’ve managed to survive on my own

From the child who for, uh, 7 years, has barfed (literally) every time someone has given him a piece of cheese that wasn’t on pizza or a homemade cheeseburger, after watching a movie in which the lead character is a child who cracks him up and happens to almost eat a meal of macaroni and cheese:


mom, i want to eat macaroni and cheese for dinner sometime

You what??  You DO realize that it has CHEESE on it, right??

yes.  and macaroni.  that’s why they call it macaroni and cheese, moooooom.

Thank you, son.  I had no idea.

geez, mom.

About dyskinesia

Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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4 Responses to I have no idea how I’ve managed to survive on my own

  1. Laura says:

    To me, it’s more critical for a kid to be a wiseguy than to be cute. And here you have a kid that’s BOTH.

    Oh, believe me when I tell you how THRILLED I am to finally have a wiseguy. 😉

  2. Cheese is what keeps my daughter alive.

    I feel ya; PB&J is in the IV around here.

  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I swear I just had him taste Mac & Cheese six months or so ago, and it was a serious no-go. *shakes head*

    Yes, dear, but you weren’t in a movie, bashing a bad guy in the head with a paint can. Our kid has done the mimicking stage, but it was sure never of us!

  4. boundandgags says:

    Too good. How does he put up with you two? Not getting such simple concepts and all. It’s good he’s around to help.

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