A-Blogging we will go

First and foremost, The Article(!) is now online at ADDitude for your viewing pleasure.  How cool is that?

Next, I got the call, and my laptop is ready for pickup.  WAHOO!!  People, I am THIS CLOSE to a tiny bit of freedom for this *&%^ chair.  It’ll still be work and could even taken a little longer to do, particularly until I get used to the thing and the millions of steps I have to take to make it work properly, but seriously, out! of! this! chair!  That’s the part I care about right now.

My desk and the new giant monitor on my desk are littered with Post Its right now, detailing the myriad of things I need to to do, like, yesterday and before we head out for our Christmas *cough* break.  I have to use multi-colored PI’s or they just blend in for me, so it currently looks like a rainbow had a tragic accident.

Tonight, my beloved TB will resurrect the radio show again for the holidays, and since I think he is super cool and all and because I love that he does it (I mean, who among us is so brave to try something new and different and open to everyone like that?  Gotta give some props.), I have to be sure to pimp it here.  Go to his page and learn and show some love at 10 p.m. eastern.

I, of course, and am also crazy excited because to do his radio show tonight, I must vacate this! chair!  But mostly because he’s cool.


Stay tuned…  The Ref post will be done.

About dyskinesia

Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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