Quick Hits

I only know what day it is because my computer tells me so.


FUH, they changed everything on here!  I mean, I’m sure it’s cool and all, but DANG.  I just finally got used to the old way, oof.


My husband asked our son to say something nice about the other people in the room (you have to prompt these kinds of things with aspie kids because even noticing that there ARE other people in the room is a challenge).  He looked at TB and said, totally deadpan, “Nice face.”


I have several new hires (again, *sob*) at work.  One of them asked me what my hours were….  I laughed like hell at the thought of trying to answer that question and finally just said, “All of them.”


My mother said something incredibly stupid and incredibly upsetting to me recently.  This will definitely be the topic of an upcoming post.


We’re going on ‘vacation’ for Christmas to the inlaws house.  I used quotes there because I will have to work while we’re there.  I planned to get a broadband access card/whatever for the new laptop to facilitate this little plan.  I found out today that my inlaws live in such BFE that I’m not sure there’s a network that will REACH THEM.  I am so FUHHHHHHED.


I really wish that I had the personality, temperment, and, frankly, head shape for a really short haircut.  I’d like to not have to do a damn thing to my hair ever again, including putting it in a ponytail.


I also really wish that I had the money, body, temperment, and ovaries to go wax everything that I normally have to shave on a regular basis.  I’d like to not have to do a damn thing to any of the rest of my hair ever again too.  Even when you’re fast, shaving still takes forever.  One of the bitches of being not short is having more square footage that requires maintenance.


I have to make  Christmas list for the inlaws.  I suck at this.  The things I want are usually things that will help me do my job or would make my life easier around my house.  These are either never small items or are not able to be conveniently purchased by people who live in BFE.


Yes, I have a new laptop and am posting less.  See trainees, holiday season, attempting to spend time with my kid, working MORE over the T-day holiday and not less, having company at that same time, and trying to manage all the crap that goes along with having a kid at this time of year (school, gifts, let’swatchPolarExpress45or46moretimes, decorating, school programs, shopping for attire for school programs, presents for family, getting ready to leave on a trip, blah blah blah).  Teh Suk.


My kid is almost as bad at the list stuff as I am, but more because he tends to zone in on one particular genre of stuff.  So far, he’s getting a truckload of Legos – because that’s what he wants and I am a masochist.  This is the time of year when we have to remind him of the exact way to appear grateful even though you hate what the person just gave you as a gift and have no intention of ever playing with it.  I’m proud to say that he did well with this last year.  This is an impressive learned skill for a super literal kid.  Of course, that said, it’s ALL he can do to keep himself under wraps until the person gets out the door so that he can explode in, “GAH!!! DID YOU SEE THAT THING!!?!?!?  WHAT WAS SHE THINKIN?!??!?!” 


I very purposefully took the entire weekend off this past weekend.  Yep, you heard me:  I didn’t work a single bit.  I think the last time that happened, we were without power.  It was great and difficult at the same time because, the whole time, I knew that the work was sitting there waiting for me to come back.  It was good, though.  We put up the tree; the kid was crazy stoked to do it, too, which was a FIRST in his almost 9 years.  He has never, ever gotten into in the past, let alone like this.  He put nearly every ornament on the tree himself too.  Super Cool.


…and now I have to hit on back to work.  How are things with you?

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Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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6 Responses to Quick Hits

  1. I am trying to cut down on the square footage of shaving by growing the goatee.

    My nine year old son was the same with the tree this year. He actually got the 4 year old to help and they put the ornaments on without anyone around. Mom had to redo the whole thing (the tree is for her), but it was fun sneaking in on them and watching them work together on something without someone getting kicked.

  2. Sarah says:

    I never thought to look at the computer to figure out what day it was.

    And I had the same reaction to the changes on here. It messed me up pretty good actually.

  3. Laura says:

    Whoa. You need a vacation.

    😀 Wanna come to AZ?

    (I’ll not stop with the pestering until you do, you know.)

    I was jarred by the WordPress changes, too, though I participated in the layout voting process. I are dumb.

    More Evidence of Long Lost Twin-ship – a big ol’ Me Too on the hair thing and the shaving/waxing thing.

    Finally, I’d cross my fingers that you’d have another power outage, but then you’d just be cold. Nobody wants to be cold.


  4. Taoist Biker says:

    He actually pointed at me when he said “nice face.” I thought it was a good touch.

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  6. crisitunity says:

    I felt that way about getting a short haircut. Until I cut my hair short in June. I was tired of screwing with it, and I was doing so much yoga that I was screwing with it damn near all the time instead of having fun with it like you’re supposed to do with hair (cf Laura’s gorgeous hair).

    I’m growing it out, because I don’t think I look very feminine with the shortness, but it was still a fantastic experience to have (not quite ruined by the growing-out experience). You should try it.

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