Build it…and you should probably keep building it (Part II)

Waaay back in April, I took notice of the fact that someone at ADDitude Magazine had thought enough of my little corner of the netosphere to include my page in their list of popular ADD/ADHD blogs.  I was incredibly flattered and took it as a sign that I really was meant to get my collective selves (selfs? elves? hmm.) in gear and do some more blathering writing around here, and I was wildly successful for the better part of 15 or 20 minutes, which for me isn’t too bad.

As of about an hour ago, I’ve gone from flattered to stunned. 

It turns out that the Winter 2008 issue of ADDitude has just hit the mailboxes, complete with cover blurb of Bookmark ’em:  8 Must Read ADD Blogs.  You’ll never guess who made the list…

*looks around to see who it was*

Wait…me?  Did you say me?  Me…as in…ME????  *checks her connection*  Is this thing on?  Did I hit my head on the door knob and give myself a concussion again?  Because I had some silly thoughts go through my head then too, but they were mostly about mutilating the offending door.  This is kind of another caliber.

Holy bookmarks, Batman – I just checked my stats, and it turns out that they were serious!

So, first things first…  A huge and humble thank you to ADDitude and Kay Marner, the author of the article, for including my ranting, raving, and sometime insanity.

A second thank you to Shane at the ADHD & LD Resource Blog for bringing it to my attention because my copy isn’t here yet, as well as a thank you for your fantastic site full of information!

I’d also like to include links to each of the other 7 blogs as well:

Last, but certainly not least is that I will finally be dedicating some specific time each week to blogging.  I got started in this because I felt I had something important to contribute.  Being that I have ADD, I couldn’t begin to define with any type of specificity just what that something important might narrow down to, but we’re going to hope I manage to get some of it on the page anyway.  😉  I have so much happen in my life in the past year that have caused me not to let go, necessarily, but definitely to loosen my grip on some of the things that I really want to be doing, and this is one of them.  So thank you to Kay and ADDitude and, really, to everyone who wanders by for reminding me how important it is to me to share who I am and what I’ve learned and, by doing so, to grow through the rendering.

And on that eloquent note, I have but one thing left to say…

DUDE, I’M IN A MAGAZINE!!!! !!!!! (!!!!!)

About dyskinesia

Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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11 Responses to Build it…and you should probably keep building it (Part II)

  1. Taoist Biker says:


    Set aside time for blogging? Yay!

    Line for Dys’s Fan Club starts behind me, folks.

    Wow, I’m having sex with the president of my fan club… I *MUST* be famous! 😉

  2. Laura says:

    Well lookit you go!!!

  3. crisitunity says:

    Super-duper congratulations!!

  4. suzy2110 says:

    That’s so exciting- major kudos and well done!

  5. Becca says:

    Yay! Congratulations! I really should start reading you more often. You’re an excellent writer.

  6. I vowed to myself not to come over here…that way, in case of a husband/wife dispute, I wouldn’t have to choose which blogger to follow and which one to talk crap about.

    But since you now have your own Fan Club, it is time to ride your wave and forget about your husband.

    How do you find the time to do this blogging stuff anyway?

    Okay, that made me snort through my nose. Score! You truly need not choose between us; we’re okay with you following both of us and then talking smack about whoever ya want, just be sure to spread it around. 😉

    Time? What is this Time that you speak of??? Wait, I might have heard of it once… Oh yeah! That’s the thing I had BEFORE the kid, the move, the job(s)(es), the dog, the…

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  8. boundandgags says:

    That’s awesome. Seeing that you have ADD I must ask how many times you’ve opened the magazine to check out your mention?

    (A) I still haven’t gotten mine, ack!! Like waving cookies in front of a toddler!

    (B) Are you KIDDING? I’m framing the thing when I get my hands on it. 😀

  9. dyskinesia says:

    Thanks much to everyone for the congrats and support! 🙂

  10. boundandgags says:

    An ADD magazine TOLD you about it but didn’t send you a copy??????? That’s just mean!

    However, that means I must alter my question: How many times have you checked the mail box?

    All kidding aside, it is things like this that make me smile. I know it makes you smile.

    TB’s response? Outwardly happy/inwardly plotting a killer article that gets him a cover!

  11. Kay says:

    You’re welcome!

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