Joy in the Streets


Praise Thomas “Don’t call me Alva, damn it!” Edison and his fancypants invention that once again courses through the craptastic wiring of our home.  😀

Yesterday evening, as the entire household sat quietly reading books, there was a sudden loud, deep click sound, and the lamp next to me sprung to life; seriously, it jumped 3 feet in the air and screamed out, “HALLELUJAH!!”  Okay, maybe I imagined that last part, but maybe you just had to be there.

We immediately jumped up ourselves, albeit NOT 3 feet in the air, and looked outside.  Now, WHY we looked outside, I couldn’t entirely tell you.  I remember seeing a man sitting on his front porch across the street and thinking, “I have to tell him!,” but that was after I’d already jumped up so I can’t claim that as my reasoning.  But, I have to think that there was an innate drive to share the joy after the long days without light, refrigeration, and the internet — a thought confirmed by one simple fact:

Everyone else had run outside too.

That’s right, our power had been restored, as a neighborhood, we all ran out the door and whooped, hollered, and WOO’d together.  We clapped and cheered as the boys in the power trucks rolled by, on to their next stop, where I can only hope that they received the same loud praise as they did in our neighborhood.

To the guys working 16-hour days, sleeping on cots because every hotel room in the city is full, risking your lives to downed lines and precariously hanging trees, and missing your own families, you deserve more than just our cheers — but I hope they meant as much to you as they did to us.  Thank you.

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4 Responses to Joy in the Streets

  1. boundandgags says:

    That’s funny because I have a bit ready to go about a power outage. I wonder why it’s such a big deal there’s a need to write about it? There’s something I like about coming home to a dark house. And it’s not just because I sing,

    “Yea! I’m not paying anyone!”

  2. Taoist Biker says:

    Damn skippy to that last paragraph!!

  3. Laura says:

    Woo hoo! Yeah, it’s funny, the first thing we always do when the power goes out is go outside, in time to observe all our neighbors also going outside, scratching their heads and asking each other, “Do YOU have power?” Then we forget to turn off everything that was turned on, so that when the power comes back ON, it scares the shit outta me every time. And THEN we go outside in time to observe all our neighbors also going outside, hopping up and down and asking each other, “Do YOU have power?”

  4. boundandgags says:

    The neighbor thing is very odd to me. I know it happens but why? Do we go primal that fast? We had cable go out in the neighborhood once and you would have thought it was the Twilight Zone episode, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”.

    Beside the fact that everyone was lost without TV or internet everyone had a theory about what went wrong and how long it’d take to get back. I went in and caught up on some reading.

    I love people who call the responsible company to ask when service is going to be back. I’d hate that job. Saying, “As soon as we fix it!” would be annoying the sixth or seven hundredth time. If electricity goes out at work customers always ask if I’ve called the company. Although I never do I always say I did. It seems to calm them.

    My favorite power outage story is about our neighbors. They’d only been there a month so I didn’t know. My girlfriend and I were out and when we hit the town we could see the power was out. We figure we’ll go home, check the cats, then go out and drive until we find a bar with lights. Brilliant!

    We drive up the hill and we’re not out of the car before the neighbors are hanging out of their house bellowing. You would have thought meteors were falling their reactions were so severe.

    She’s telling us it’s been out for 4-5 hours (other neighbors later said 1 1/2 – 2 total), it’s happened ‘five times since we’ve lived here’ (it hadn’t been that many time since we’d been there), and just about every doomsday scenario you could imagine. This was our first experience with her exaggeration potential.

    My girlfriend proved nicer than I because she tried to calm her down. I, on the other hand, went into the house after this exchange,

    “I’ve called the electric company five times and I’m not getting anywhere! Why don’t you call? See what they say.”

    My girlfriend, realizing this could be never ending, said her cellphone died so was countered with,

    “Come into the house and call!”

    I blinked in the cool evening and wandered into the house shaking my head under the cover of darkness.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the hell, HELL I say, the DPW goes through if the snow plow isn’t early enough. I’ve been out shoveling and heard her from inside the house (with doors and windows shut) yelling at the DPW.

    Did I mention she has OCD (and many other initials) and we could walk into her house unannounced and do a photo shoot for house beautiful?

    Whenever I’m in there I go so far out of my way not to disturb dust this quote by Cameron from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ about his father’s car rolls in my head,

    “It could get wrecked, stolen, scratched, breathed on wrong, a pigeon could shit on it! Who knows?”

    “He doesn’t drive it. He just rubs it with a diaper.”

    I grew up with a self-employed father who had a business named, simply enough, The Electric Company. Little did he realize at the time that he named it, every single time the power went out, every whack job in a 10-mile radius would start calling at 2 a.m., yelling about the power being out because they actually looked up THE ELECTRIC COMPANY in the phonebook. I shit you not. Good times, I tell ya.

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