I can has exhaustion!

Keee-rap, am I tired.

Seriously, I have the ol’ eyelid twitch of exhaustion (+2)  (geek reference, points if you get it).  This will be short and whiny since I’m at a friend’s and trying to get some work done so that I can have, ya know, INCOME. 

Working from home in my profession is fantastic except for the reasons that it isn’t.  (Thank you, Yogi Berra.)  The biggest one (or at least one of the biggest) is that if the power goes out or the broadband goes out, I am suddenly 100% without income.  The bitch of being self-employed.  Next time you’re whining about your office job, just remember that you could be home sitting on your ass going deeper into debt whilst not making any money.  Par-tay!  So, I love my job, right up ’til I hate it.  😀

The race was frickin’ fab-u-lohs, rain and all.  There were things I was a little bummed about because of the weather — like the fact that our seats were PERFECT for the wheelies and fist-pumping and unabashed joy after crossing the finish line and the victory lap — both of which didn’t happen since the race was ended because of the weather.  All in all though, it really was a great time.

My feet have other opinions.  New shoes are now required for both TB and I, though they will have to wait until we can make enough money to restock our fridge and then enough to buy new shoes.  And we won’t even discuss enough to put gas in the cars because, seriously, there will never again be such a thing as making enough money to put gas in the cars.  Of course, at the moment, since we are very so without power, as are a few hundred thousand other residents and businesses in the general area, it’s not even so much the price of gas as it is the ability to find a functioning gas station.  Truly, I’ve never seen anything like this before, which makes me a very lucky woman, I think.

I had a blast taking pics, and I’ll come back at some point and link link link to all the stuff that shows them (for those of who you don’t read TB already – I think you exist, maybe), but if you want to see some stuff.  Follow the link down in my list to The Taoist Biker. 

I said that next year, I will have an SLR to shoot my pics of the bikes, and I will go completely insane with pictures.  That, however, was before I came home to no power, no work, no income.  Fark-eth!

Back to a few more minutes of work.  I just had to prove I really was still alive.  🙂  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  Power by Friday would be oh so sweet….

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Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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2 Responses to I can has exhaustion!

  1. boundandgags says:

    The worst thing about working from home for me was people. It didn’t seem to matter that, even though I was home, I really was working. I didn’t mind if they wanted to wander over, drink my beer, and leave me alone. But I’d find them standing over me asking important questions such as,

    “Whatcha doing?”
    “You wanna do anything today?”
    “Why are you getting a gun? Why are you pointing it at me?”

    See, if I knew anyone, that would be a problem for me too. 😉 So in my case, I must:
    (A) Ignore the phone. (Long live caller ID)
    (B) Ignore IMs that have nothing to do with work (Admittedly, I completely suck at this.)
    (C) Teach my dog that she only needs to pee a couple of times a day, damn it. How much can you seriously have to pee when all you do is sleep??

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