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I blame my husband

Do you want to listen to some music while we clean up for a while? sure, that’s a great idea, mom Okay, what would you like to listen to? hmmm….  iron maiden. Umm, yeah, that was I was in the … Continue reading

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Bzzzt. Thanks for playing!

As I headed off to my annual gyn appointment the other day, my darling husband looked me straight in the eye and said, in all seriousness, I shit you not: Have fun, babe. Fun…?  Have FUN???  Did you just tell … Continue reading

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Nickelodeon has far too many commercials

what are you lookin’ at, mom? I was just noticing that my flowers are blooming! where? The yellow ones, right there. wow.  how the heck can they be blooming without roll and grow?!? Without what?? roll and grow What?  roll … Continue reading

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You could put an eye out.

When I said before that I was accident-prone?  Yeah, that might have been understating it just a bit.  Tonight, I was playing with the dog with her most fabulous toy, which is basically very tough tennis ball material in the … Continue reading

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