Quick Hits

Work still sucks, and I still haven’t heard from anyone about the other gig.

Crap, I still have to pay bills like I promised someone I would do.

I bought SpongeBob Monopoly today because I’m determined that my kid is going to learn to play board games.  Prepare yourself, dear; we’re playing tonight.

Strawberry Whoppers are kinda good, right up to the point when you eat too many of them.

Damn do I wish I had played some Rock Band today while the kid was at his friend’s house.

Microsoft has reaffirmed my faith that they are the devil.  TB will probably explain on his blog at some point, but let me just say:  Choose your Xbox Live name wisely, as it (a) change your profile name on your Xbox 360 and (b) cost you MONEY to change it in the future – even 3 minutes in the future.

Beagles do not like being left alone.  I love my mutt, but that is the biggest downside to pet ownership for me.

I hate shopping for clothes, pants in particular, and little did I know that if you want to buy decent summer clothes, you’d apparently need to be shopping for them in March since the only things left in June are scary.

My kid started jumping off the diving board today; I can’t wait to go see him do it. 🙂 Which I am going to do right now!


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Woman, mother, human being, grammarian. I have Attention Deficit Disorder. My child has Asperger syndrome. Philosophy, laughter, therapy, living. Life after divorce.
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3 Responses to Quick Hits

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  2. Laura says:

    I hope you find something you love to do!

    Then it won’t be “work” but will still pay your bills.

    I actually DO love what I do. I just don’t love doing it their way. 😉

    Lovely, now I have the SpongeBob theme stuck in my head. Who knew he was a Monopoly game! Are the properties still named the same, or some cutesy aquatic-themed locales?

    To go with the theme, imagine the 8-year-old boy playing the ‘nose flute’ like SB does in the intro. Sadly, the game hasn’t made it out of the box yet, but tonight will be rainy and crappy, so it will be out tonight! The houses are SB’s pineapple house, and the hotels are The Krusty Krab restaurant. I’m actually dying to play the stupid thing. I am such a junkie. I’ll see if I can manage some pics to put up of pieces and whatnot. If TB helps, I may actually be able to accomplish it!

    I’ve never had ’em, but next time we’re at the movies I’ll try ’em!

    Why? Do you want to practice alone, or do they hog the instrument you want to play?

    Go near a video game and they will come and want it for themselves. Actually, it’s mostly the kid. He’s “patient” about it, but he also likes to, um, help – by playing the unplugged drum set to a beat that doesn’t really resemble the song or by commenting every time I screw up. Yeah, he’s a helper! And really, I like my alone time, not to mention that there is just something decadent about goofing off when you’re the only one around.

    I KNOW. Microsoft is teh suk.

    I have a beagle, too. Cure for loneliness = left with a full bag of food. She/he won’t even know you’re gone.

    How I wish. My favorite saying: My dog’s stomach is ultrasensitive; unfortunately, her mouth isn’t. Actually, she’s so freakin’ attached to me that sometimes she won’t eat when I’m not here. She just paces and howls. Just like my husband.

    Don’t know if you’re a fan or not, but Old Navy has a sale going on right now, and you can usually find decent pants there regardless of the season…

    Sounds great if only I could rent a body that would fit in their pants, heh. I am, we’ll say, a challenging fit!

    High dive? Low dive? Backyard pool? Show him the true meaning of the word “CANNONBALL!”

    I have NO doubt that he will be doing a cannonball the MINUTE he can hold his breath without plugging his nose in some way! 😀


  3. Taoist Biker says:

    I do NOT pace and howl. I just howl. 😉

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